Discover NEW COSMETIC businesses which adhere to your religious requirements and liking.

Runned by Muslim sisters like you!

Shan&Co is a Botanical Skincare business centred around nature. UK based.

All of their products are made using skin loving botanicals and botanical oils that have been extracted directly from the plant itself!

They never use any synthetic fragrance oils or colourants in our skincare so you can be confident that the ingredients used are 100% natural, skin loving and where possible, organic!

Muslim Business that offers all natural skincare and makeup, as well as mens grooming all in the same place. UK based.

Luxury, handmade small batch cosmetics, crafted for non toxic beauty as well as health benefits

Unlike most handmade/ home cosmetic businesses, we are fully compliant with UK/ EU Cosmetic Safety regulations (EC) No. 1223/ 2009

Ledirah Beauty is a handcrafted, 100%, halal, natural, vegan skincare brand based in London. We do not test any of our products on animals! 

 UK based.

Where possible we aim to use organic, cruelty-free and ethical resources in order to provide self-care and spa-like skincare sessions at the comfort of your home.

All-Natural Hair, Skin & Nail Care sourced exclusively from Morocco. USA based.

Ingredients you can read & trust - Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Phthalates-Free, Additives-Free 
Cruelty-Free - We do not test on animals. 

Premium Quality Products & Packaging. 

Made for muslim women by muslim women. USA based.

In my business, our spiritual responsabilites come first. That means that everything is made with halal and pure ingredients and with formulations that are wudhu friendly, so they don't get in the way of the prayers. 

Made with all natural ingredients, all of our botanical formulations work with your skin and not against it. 

First certified skincare brand in the world to use Zamzam water in products. UK based.

We exclusively use raw, natural and organic ingredients inspired by ancient Arabian beauty rituals, prophetic medicine and Andalusian botanists from the Islamic golden age