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Runned by Muslim sisters like you!

We are a brand focused on empowering single mothers and widows through our inspired jewellery collection. UK based.

Rahma Jewellery is a sustainable jewellery brand for the conscious customer. Our jewellery is designed and made with longevity in mind. We use recycled gold and sterling silver where possible and source our semi-precious stones from ethically conscious suppliers. UK based.

From the making process to the packaging, we keep waste to a minimum and reuse what we can.

We are greatly inspired by the Dhikar of Allah. Our selection of jewellery is forever evolving, however all pieces are chosen with the intention to encourage the praise, worship and remembrance of Allah. UK based. 

We truly see our customers as individuals, we are trying to build more than a business, our goal is to build a community. This goal is at the core of our business, we hope to give back to those in need and we take every opportunity to be charitable.  

- We sell high quality unique Islamic jewelry .
- Waterproof with lifetime warranty.
- Free shipping anywhere is US and Free gift packaging.

We provide quality and long lasting jewellery at affordable prices. CANADA based.

We offer a range of products that act as Reminders of Goodness; encouraging people towards unity, love and peace.

Every Order Donates to Charity

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction with every product that we sell. AUSTRALIA based.

We bring you beautiful pieces of jewellery that are not only bold and elegant but also meaningful. 

We only supply our jewellery from our carefully selected manufacturer and provide you with the best quality items. AUSTRALIA based.

Fade proof, rust proof and life proof! culturally inspired, quality driven items that will be a staple in all your looks!


Our mission was created to bring affordable 925 Sterling Silver, synthetic Zultanite Jewellery to the UK.

Our aim is to provide you with an easy experience to find a gift for your loved ones as we sell affordable Necklace and Earrings sets with a gift note option available.

Our Islamic principle is to not display jewellery on female hands/neck/skin due to beautification but rather use natural settings to display the jewellery.